Sun Dawg Lip Balm
Sun Dawg Lip Balm Sun Dawg Lip Balm Sun Dawg Lip Balm

Have fun in the sun with our Sun Dawg Skin care line.
This product can be used as a base layer before applying any of our other skin care lines, although our Sun Screen is so moisturizing you may find its the only thing you need, by itself or before applying your makeup .Sun Dawg Sun Screen is made with the most organic ingredients we could find, Green Tea extract combined with Shea butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil and much more. Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide work to block out the UVA and UVB rays. Apply daily to the face for part of a sun protection regime. When at the beach or just being exposed to the sun for longer periods of the day, apply before going into the sun and then every ½ to 1 hour depending of your skin tone. Always apply after swimming or after extreme sweating due to exercise .It is best to mist the skin with our Sun Dawg mister before reapplying the lotion, for an even application. Unlike commercial sun tan products, Sun Dawg can be applied around the eyes without irritating them or making them sting or water.
Always use caution when exposed to the direct sun for prolong periods of time. If your skin is feeling extra. warm and you are pink or red, then move to the shade d put a shirt and hat on.
Nothing is safer than covered skin and the shade.
This product has traveled around the world with many of our customers with much success in very warm climates. How about telling us about your experience.

Sun Dawg lip balm contains Zinc oxide to protect the lips from the sun and wind. Popular with people who love the out doors.