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Natural Facial Clay

A Clay Mask will detoxify and moisturize your skin at thesame time. It  draws out toxins from the skin and stimulates blood circulation,invigorating and renewing your skin. If your skin looks dull then a clay mask is the best natural DIY skin care treatment to add  to your skin care routine.

The drying and tightening action of a clay mask pulls impurities out of yourpores, deep cleansing your skin. A Clay Facial Mask can draw nicotine andpollutants from the skin very effectively, whilst nourishing, moisturizing andre-hydrating your skin. Clays can be blended with Hydrosols, or make a hydrating mask by blending it with one of our hydrating lotions
Do you have oily skin, dry skin or problem skin? Do you find your skin looksdull or you just want your skin to have a radiant glow then a clay mask is thebest natural skin care treatment to add to your skin care routine.