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Welcome to Free Spirit Botanicals.

Free Spirit Botanicals specializes in fine handmade skincare products created in small batches in the heart of downtown Victoria since 1996. We offer you fresh products that are free from harsh detergents, synthetic chemicals and preservatives. We use a combination of botanical oils, herbs, flowers and essential oils, bringing the healing abilities of the plant kingdom to you. We also offer guests the luxury spa treatments with our handmade natural products which includes facials, massages, hand and arm foot treatments, body treatments, acupressure, cupping and more!

In the spirit of honoring our guests, botanicals and the aromatherapy tradition that inspires Free Spirit, we offer you the opportunity to breathe deeply into the relief of tension and stress with our beautifully created essential oils as a welcoming ceremony. We invite you to select an essential oil that you are drawn to in order to curate a more personalized spa experience.

Call us now or find us online to book your next appointment with one of our talented staff. If we are available, we always welcome walk-ins!

Ultimate relaxation at its finest!



Free Spirit Botanical massages are client centered. We intend to foster wellness in the body, mind, and spirit in accordance with your individual needs. Through our massages, we strive to improve circulation, increase mobility, reduce stress, and ground you in the moment.

Acupressure Foot Massage       30min - $50      45min - $75       60min - $95
Reflex sites are specific points on your feet that are directly linked to various organs. Treat various health issues and medical conditions including stress, tension, pain, etc. with this healing massage.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Relief          45min - $100         60min - $125     
Relax and unwind as an invigorating blend of essential oils are used in these areas to deeply penetrate sore, aching muscles. Warm Paraffin can be applied to the back or feet for extra $20, which helps to release toxins from the body, leaving you fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

Swedish Relaxation Massage         60min - $125         90min - $160
This traditional form of massage relaxes the body, soothes aching muscles, and improves muscle tone and flexibility. Begin your session by breathing in our sweet aromatherapy blends that ease the mind and spirit, followed by a full body and scalp massage. This treatment creates a feeling of deep relaxation and overall inner wellbeing.

Couple’s Massage         60min - $260         90min - $330
Enjoy a full body relaxation massage in our two-person space made for a nurturing a relaxing shared experience. Invite your partner, a friend, or a family member, as you spend time together unwinding and reconnecting.

Coastal Stone Therapy         60min - $165         90min - $210
This luxurious massage incorporates warm basalt stones to sooth the muscles and ground the spirit. A beautiful treatment that leaves you completely peaceful and renewed.



Our skilled therapists use an exclusive blend of aromatherapy oils and natural ingredients to hydrate, nourish, and detoxify the body, helping you relax, and making your skin look and feel amazing!

Tranquillity Body Renewal         60min - $150
This renewal starts with a full body exfoliation to revitalize the skin, increase circulation, and eliminate dead skin cells, which are then rinsed away in the shower. The treatment ends with a nourishing, aromatic cream application
massage using the Tranquillity Line from Comfort Zone. Great for all skin types, our Body Renewal will alleviate your stress and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

HYCYNIS Body Detoxifying, Sculpting and Tightening        60min - $195
HYCYNIS is a Radio Frequency device that promotes wellbeing through detoxifying the liver. The machine delivers high-frequency waves that move through body tissue. These waves will then convert to heat that penetrates and
stimulates the liver, cleansing it of toxins. The treatment also energizes the body’s own natural responses by stimulating lymphatic drainage. It encourages the production of collagen and elastin, reducing skin laxity, strengthening the skin, and improving the physique of the target area. In addition, this treatment reduces cellulite, and causes fat cells to shrink in size, which has the affect of slimming down the target areas.



Free Spirit Botanicals Designer Facial           60min - $145
This treatment is individually customized. One of our skin care specialists will analyze your skin to determine your needs and formulate your facial accordingly. This includes a cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, mask, massage, and moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

Free Spirit Botanicals Urban Detox Facial         60min - $180
The perfect antidote for detoxifying the skin from the effects of pollution and everyday life. This facial helps fight imperfections and adult acne through using the detox peel-off mask with chlorella and plant-based charcoal. White ginseng root rebalances and energizes the skin, while the natural aromas recharge the senses.

Hydro-Peel Deep Clean & Rejuvenation Facial        90min - $195
This facial combines cleansing, extraction and hydration simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no downtime. The treatments are soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and generally non-irritating. The technology uses a combination of painless vacuum suction and spiral tips to clear the skin of impurities and saturate it with hydration and super serums that can be customized to each client’s skin goals.

Facial Care Enhancements Add On
These add-on remedies are a wonderful addition to any facial!

Eye Firming Supreme         15min - $20
This treatment carefully restores tone and hydration around the eyes, reducing puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines.

Upgrade to Hyaluronic Acid Mask with LED Light Treatment         20min - $35
Our Hyaluronic Acid mask with high-purity hyaluronic acid uses micro-organisms, bio-homogeneous technology, and ultra-micro HA molecules for hydrating, water-retaining, and repairing the skin. The plant extract component meets the nutritional needs of the skin while hydrating, brightening, and repairing sun damage. The LED light therapy is a popular, non-invasive and pain-free skin treatment. It is a collagen stimulating treatment aimed at helping treat acne breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentations and rosacea. This therapy consists of four preprogrammed treatments. Each program uses frequencies and wavelengths from four different visible light spectrums to reach the layer where the damaged skin cells lie. The cells are reenergized and repaired. This activity stimulates rapid cellular turnover, smoothing and renewing the skins surface. This is a great complement to any facial.



Pamper yourself with one of our manicures or pedicures! They will leave your hands and/or feet feeling soft and hydrated.

Please note that in the case that you have gel polish on from a previous service and you would like to book an appointment for a pedicure or manicure, you must mention it, as we have to account for the time needed for the
removal process.

Express Manicure (No Massage & Polish)        30min - $50 
A quick fix when you don’t have time for the full service. This service starts with a hand soak followed by a nail trim, shaping and buffing, cuticle care, and finished with moisturizer. 

Express Pedicure (No Massage & Polish)        30min - $60
A quick fix when you don’t have time for the full service. This service starts with a foot soak followed by a nail trim, shaping and buffing, cuticle care, callus removal and finished with moisturizer. 

Spa Manicure with Paraffin Mask & Acupressure Hand Massage        60min - $80
This manicure includes a soothing hand soak, nail and cuticle care, and a luxurious acupressure hand massage. Enjoy a warm paraffin mask to help nourish the skin while soothing sore muscles and joints. Conclude this relaxing
experience with a polish application or natural buff.

Spa Pedicure with Paraffin Mask & Acupressure Foot Massage         75min - $100
This pedicure begins with the exfoliation of the legs and feet, and an aromatic foot soak. Nail and cuticle care will follow along with callus removal and a luxurious acupressure foot massage. Afterwards, enjoy a warm paraffin mask to help nourish the skin while soothing sore muscles and joints. The treatment will finish with a polish application or natural buff.

Princess Manicure        30min - $40 (10 years and under)
This fun treatment starts with a soothing hand soak, as well as nail and cuticle care, followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage. The manicure finishes with a polish application or natural buff.

Princess Pedicure       30min - $50 (10 years and under)
This fun treatment starts with a soothing foot soak as well as nail and cuticle care, followed by a relaxing leg and foot massage. The pedicure finishes with a polish application or natural buff.

Nail Enhancements-Add On

These can be added to any manicure or pedicure treatment!

 Vegan Nourishing Polish $5
 Gel Polish Removal $10
 Gel Polish Finish $10
 Gel French Nail Finish $15
 Gel Extension/Overlay $60
Extra 15 min Acupressure Massage $25


SPA Package

Luxurious Body Trio – 1Hr 45 min – $165
30 min Acupressure Foot Massage      
30 min Back Neck & Shoulder Relief Massage 

30 min Free Spirit Botanicals Mini Facial  

Just for Him – 2Hr 15 min       $230
60 min Swedish Relaxation Massage     
30 min Express Pedicure & 30 min Acupressure Foot Massage 

Top to Toe Glow – 2Hr 45 min       $290
60 min Free Spirit Botanicals Tranquility Body Renewal     
60 min Spa Pedicure with Paraffin & 30 min Acupressure Foot Massage 

Enchanted Journey – 2Hr 45min      $305
60 min Coastal Stone Therapy       
60 min Spa Pedicure with Paraffin & 30 min Acupressure Foot Massage   

Tranquility Escape – 3Hr 30 min       $385
60 min Free Spirit Botanicals Tranquility Body Renewal      
60 min Free Spirit Botanicals Designer Facial
75 min Spa Pedicure with Paraffin & Acupressure Foot Massage 

Bridal Bliss – 4Hr       $395
60 min Swedish Relaxation Massage    
45 min Spa Manicure with Paraffin & 30 min Acupressure Hand Massage      
60 min Spa Pedicure with Paraffin & 30 min Acupressure Foot Massage 

Heavenly Retreat – 5Hr      $490
60 min Swedish Relaxation Massage  
90 min Free Spirit Botanicals Hydro- Peel Rejuvenation Facial
60 min Spa Manicure with Paraffin & Acupressure Hand Massage  
75 min Spa Pedicure with Paraffin & Acupressure Foot Massage  


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Dear customers,
Our new booking policy is as follows.
All new customers or previous customers that have not been here a for at least one year will require a credit card when booking that will be kept on file.


Due to the majority of our service providers being in high demand and booking far in advance, we require 24-hour notice to change or cancel your appointment. It can be very difficult to fill a spot with minimal notice.
We understand that sickness and emergency circumstances cannot be foreseen, but please try your best to give us ample notice so we can fill your spot.
Failure to give 24 hours notice will result in a 50% fee of service.
No show will be charged full amount of service.
A 50% deposit is required to book large groups. Should the date need to be changed we require a week notice. This will give us time to fill up the spots. Same cancellation policies apply to this.
Thank you for your understanding!
To book a treatment, please call us at 250.382.1003
At Free Spirit Botanicals, our passion is serving you.
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