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Free Spirit Botanicals


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Location: 549 Johnson St, Victoria, B.C. Canada

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Why we say: Heal and Beautify? 
Free Spirit Botanicals is locally owned and operated. We offer manicure and pedicure services here, as well as many additional nail polish services. Natural and Organic are important, they impact on the environment as well as your health. Our Hand & Nail Care Products we provide here all contain natural and organic ingredients. They do not include any harsh chemicals or strong smells. Plus all of our products are handmade in Victoria!

We care for your nails and hands 

Regular nail polishes could be harmful due to the chemical ingredients. But don't worry! You will find 3-free, 5-free and 7-free polish here, they are healthy and non-toxic. At Free Spirit Botanicals, we have two nail polish brands: OPI gel polish is from a well-known polish brand that is less damaging to your nails than the regular polishes. The Lac it ! gel polish is a local brand made with no solvents, which means no odor, no shrinking, no evaporation or wrinkling, and it is especially made in Surrey, B.C!  


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