Don't Bug Me (Synergy Blend)

Our Pure Hydrasols are made from the essential oil development process. They are the by product of essential oils. Our Synergy blend misters are a combination of essential oils and water. They can help hydrate and heal your skin. Use after shaving, removing make up, or after a shower or bath. Use before applying moisturizers for extra hydration. You can also find our very popular bug spray in this section.

Humans don't mind the smell but bugs hate it. We a pure essential oil blend to keep the bugs away.
here is what one customers has to say:
I was recently in Victoria and while wondering around down town I discovered your store and fell in love with your products they are amazing. I have very sensitive skin so I am unable to use most products but yours don't bother me at all.
the product I most love of yours though is your
"Don't Bug Me!" anti biting bug spray. I love it because I live on a farm and I have a 5 month old baby girl and can't use normal bug repellent on her but your spray I can use and it really works.