Rose Herbal Hydration Lotion
Rose Herbal Hydration Lotion Rose Herbal Hydration Lotion Rose Herbal Hydration Lotion Rose Herbal Hydration Lotion

These lotions have been created for people who have normal, dry, and oily skin. There are 5 different types. We make the base in Victoria using ingredients that hydrate as well as moisturize the skin. Shea Butter is from Africa and has a well-proven track record at helping to keep the skin elastic and reduce the onset of wrinkles. Green Tea has a well-documented history of being a strong anti-oxidant. On the skin Green Tea is also a mild astringent and pore refiner.Only pure essential oils are used in our products, not only for the scent but also for healing qualities. These lotions absorb quickly, and are made for the face and body but also work well as a fast absorbing hand lotion.

The fragrance of roses radiates from your skin once this floral healing lotion is applied on the face or body. The true smell of roses excites the senses and arouses the heart. The unique blend of oils and floral waters hydrates the skin with rose water and protects and moisturizes with the finest oils in the world. Jojoba helps to moisturize and recondition the skin, Rose hip seed oil (Rosa Mosqueta oil) is well known for it's healing properties and preventing wrinkles, as well as smoothing out existing wrinkles. Rose and rose geranium essential oil assist in balancing the oil production of the skin and moisturizing the dry areas. A natural source of Vitamin C, this lotion can be used on dry skin and oily skin.

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